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09 September 2004

Despite being somewhat later than I had hoped, the new SonicDeath is now up and running.

First of all, a brief overview of what has changed.

The site's entire structure has been slimmed down and refined. For the techies out there, the site is built using a combination of XHTML and CSS (like the previous site, but even slicker this time) and is now powered by PHP/MySQL instead of ASP/Access like before. We have moved hosts and as a result the whole site should be a lot faster than the old one.

We have moved to an Invision Power Board based forum euro us dollar instead of the phpBB system of old. Combined with a much faster MySQL backend, the forum should suffer none of the speed and error related issues as the old board.

Onto the content itself; we have removed as much of the fluff as possible and made reviews the number one priority. The entire Features section has been removed, although we will still have the occasional feature/interview. More of that later… It should now be much quicker to find the review you are after and the site will eventually have a comprehensive search facility.

Several parts of the Info section of the site have been updated, and there is a new Contact Form and Sample Review submission form for those of you who want to get in touch or want to join the reviews team. There is also a newsfeed on the home page courtesy of blabbermouth and more feeds may be added in the future.

Finally, I want to apologise to all of the site's regular visitors and the reviews team for the lack of updates over the past year. We all have busy lives and unfortunately work and personal life has got in the way over the past year or so. One of our regular reviewers, Neil Yeomans, has kindly offered to help out with the maintenance and updating of the site, so hopefully the updates can be kept to a more consistent frequency.

I hope you enjoy the new site; feel free to send any comments via the contact form or on our discussion forum. In the weeks to come we have plenty of more reviews to add to the site, more reviewers joining the team (the current reviews page is not yet complete) and an exclusive interview with Darkthrone's one and only Fenriz.

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