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SonicDeath started life in early 2001, under the helm of original site editor/webmaster David Griffifths. Focusing on quality rather than sheer quantity, David was adamant that the site would provide top quality reviews from writers who really knew their stuff.

Opting for a comprehensive written reviews rather than a meaningless scoring system, a system which the site continues to adhere to and will remain to do so, the website provides in-depth praise and criticism of the best (and worst) that hard rock, metal and other forms of extreme music has to offer.


The site has grew steadily and in June 2002 when David decided to step down as editor/webmaster, the site had already had close to 10,000 hits. On taking over the site, Luke Redpath set about redeveloping the site, giving it a new look and new layout, with the intention to provide a good solid infrastructure for the ever growing site.


By the end of 2002, the site's traffic had increased dramatically. Throughout 2003 the site's popularity and google ranking increased and the site now gets roughly 1200 unique visits a day; a testament to the site's overall quality and the dedication of the review team. The site started to receive advance promos from labels such as Peaceville, Nuclear Blast, Victory Records, Conquer Records and Retribute amongst others.

In 2003, the site entered it's third incarnation, however due to personal circumstances, the site was not updated as frequently, and by the end of 2003 the site went into a period of dormancy, although the site's popularity remained.


After over 6 months of inactivity, the site has launched again. SonicDeath v4 is a nod to the style of the original site in terms of simplicity and style. A complete overhaul of the site's structure has stripped out all of the non-essential parts of the site - the rarely updated live reviews, the sparse features section and convuluted navigation are gone. What is left should be an easier site to browse and with a new set of reviewers (as well as a few old ones) the site will continue to be what it set out to be…a comprehensive, ever-expanding collection of reviews of music from the Hard Rock/Metal/Extreme genre.

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